Illustration of Elstar apples; by Stefanie Kreuzer, b13 GmbH (CC BY-SA 4.0)


The apple cultivar Elstar was developed at the Institute for Plant breeding in Wageningen in the 1950s by crossing the apples Ingrid Marie and Golden Delicious.

It was first exported to America in 1972 and became popular in Europe very quickly. In 2012 the apple was the most cultivated variety in Germany.

The medium-sized apple with its mostly red skin and yellow showing is an aromatic, juicy and slightly sour but mostly sweet sort of apple. The flesh is white and has a crispy and soft texture.

It is ideal for cooking and used for apple sauce very often. Due to its sweet flavour it is mostly used for desserts.

Side note: If you tend to have an allergic reaction to some apples, you should avoid an Elstar apple.

Hand grabbing apples in a wooden box; Photo by Pexels, Josh Hild
© Pexels, Josh Hild

In terms of pest and disease susceptibility, Elstar apples are rather resistant compared to other cultivars. It is, however, susceptible to apple scab, mildew and collar rot.

The apple grows especially well when planted in cooler climates, and only takes a short period of time for growth so it is usually edible right after harvest.

Harvest happens during the month of September and apples can be stored until the end of November in cool places (or even through to February if stored in a controlled atmosphere).


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