Illustration of Gloster apples; by Stefanie Kreuzer, b13 GmbH (CC BY-SA 4.0)


Gloster, aka Gloster 69, was first commercially sold in 1969.
It was first cultivated at the “Obstbauversuchsanstalt Jork/Altes Land” in Lower Saxony, Germany, in 1951.
It is usually only sold in stores with organic food.

The apple with its green-yellow and juicy flesh and slightly acid taste is known for its ruby red color.

Red apple; Photo by StockSnap, Michael Grosicki
© StockSnap, Michael Grosicki

The apple tree is a rather modest plant with no special requirements which is why it's ideal for backyard gardening: You will only need deep soil and enough water to grow it. The wood as well as the blossom of the tree are very frost-proof. The fruits are resistant to wind.

Gloster apple trees are sensitive to fire and apple scab and grow from May to September. If stored for too long they tend to rot on the inside.

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