Illustration of Pink Lady apples; by Stefanie Kreuzer, b13 GmbH (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Pink Lady

The cultivar Pink Lady, originally known as Cripps Pink, was first developed by the Australian scientist John Cripps in 1973 and is a hybrid between the cultivars Lady Williams and Golden Delicious. It was introduced to the market in 1986.

The Cripps Pink is famous for its purple-red skin on yellow-green background. The fruit is crisp and tart, rather sweet and less juicy than other cultivars.

The apple is the perfect choice for eating out of the hand, as well as for baking.

Side note: If you tend to have an allergic reaction to some apples, you should avoid a Pink Lady. 

Stacked apple pieces; Photo by StockSnap, Krzysztof Puszczyn
© StockSnap, Krzysztof Puszczyn

The cultivar is known for its long growing period as it only develops its red colour by the end of the season. It only fully ripens in ideal climates which is why it is mostly grown in countries like France, Spain, Chile, South Africa or Australia. 

The cultivar is very sensitive to mildew.

Since the apples can be stored easily they are available in stores all year.


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