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What is the demo project about?

The demo project is a fictitious informational website about apples. It serves as an example website especially for people who have never worked with TYPO3 before and want to try out and play around with the TYPO3 backend.

Why is there a reset feature and what does it mean?

Screenshot of the reset banner in the frontend

We implemented a reset feature that resets the whole system after 30 minutes once a user has logged in to the backend. This allows you to edit, delete and create new content in the backend without having to worry about breaking anything.
There is a timer in the frontend as well as in the header section of the TYPO3 backend that tells you when the next reset is going to be.

FYI: The reset resets every user's session to make sure everybody gets to experience the default project in a measurable time.

I'm a developer. Can I take a look at the code?

Yes! The whole project is publicly available on GitLab.
You can even set it up on your local machine and see how everything works!

Next Server Reset

Welcome to our TYPO3 Demo website

As you might notice: None of us is a pomologist, and we know just as much as Wikipedia knows about apples.

This website is not about apples, it's all about showcasing TYPO3 CMS. Because that is what we know best.

This website gives you a deeper look at how TYPO3 works. Why don't you login to the backend and try out what you can do?

Feel free to edit or delete content - don't worry about breaking things. We reset the system 30 minutes after someone has logged in.